My dream PC monitor setup

As a gamer and someone who aspires to have more and more, I dream a lot. My gaming desktop is great right now, but I always have this thirst for more upgrades, more hardware, more displays. It is insane if you think about it, but still very fun sometimes. CES this year did not help at all, with all the technology outbreaks coming in the future and even more gaming things for us to wish we had.

For this post, I will combine everything that has ever come out to make a single gaming setup. This is something that I obviously cannot afford and will not even attempt to purchase. Rather, it is something to think about and basically just test the waters of the technology that is available today. Note, I usually like to stick to more affordable kinds of computer builds (like this site on its list of cheap desktops) so this post is not in any way something I intend to act upon.

The monitors

I have not yet settled on the exact model I would like here, but definitely in this day and age you want to go with a 4K resolution in as large and wide a monitor as you can place on a desk. I know just based on this year’s CES conference, several 4K resolution monitors were announced. Even some 8K resolution displays were announced but not yet available, which is why we will stick to the more reasonable resolution here.

Curved gaming monitorYou could also go with an ultrawide curved monitor that is still 4K resolution, but that is pushing wants more than needs in my opinion. I know that at the conference, LG displayed a curved display that was extremely wide, with an aspect ratio of 21:9 (regular aspect ratios for widescreens are 16:9). Top it off with a nice bezel that adjusts up and down and you have something great to behold on your desk.

Another amazing setup was one of LG’s other monitors that was able to link up to one of their gaming laptops using USB 3.1 Type C. I have not seen this mentioned much in the other blogs or forums but this Type C connection allows you to stream 4K resolution graphical data from that laptop to that TV display. The quality of the streaming was almost like you were using that monitor itself and there was absolutely no lag. Also, the USB 3.1 charges your laptop using the power from the gaming monitor. How cool is that?

The last setup here today would be a 3-monitor build. This creates a sort of “curved” effect on the large scale. With each monitor at a 16:9 ratio and there being 3 of them, this would be the ultra, ultra wide monitor setup that videogamers dream about. I would have a regular 4K resolution monitor at the top for miscellaneous display (like if I am playing games on the 3 monitors, I would love to have my stream information at the top or a scoreboard at the top).

It is important to have a monitor that 1) displays graphical data nicely and 2) changes graphical data quickly enough to ensure your gaming performance. If one or neither of those things are happening with your monitor, your gaming experience will suffer.

These setups are obviously insane to have in a regular PC gamer’s life and I imagine it wouldn’t become a possibility for at least several years due to the current pricing of technology these days. Yes, tech is moving fast but the prices are stalling. I can only hope companies bring their more consumer-friendly models to cheaper levels so we can all finally experience something as amazing as any one of the set ups I mentioned above.


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