EVGA’s first gaming laptop – The specs

Last post, I mentioned EVGA’s first ever gaming laptop and how it surprised me that they have been making all this nice BIOS softwares, motherboards, and video card hardware but have yet to make a gaming laptop — or even a regular laptop — to this date.

Well, today we will discuss the specs of their laptop. I will tell you first hand that I find this computer very impressive, especially since it is EVGA’s very first run at a laptop. EVGA has always been recognized by me and fellow gamers out there as a solid company that produces only high quality things, so I am excited to share the news of what their laptop brings to the table.

The specs:

  • Intel Core i7 Skylake processor
  • 16 GB of DDR4 system-wide RAM
  • The new USB 3.1 Type C connection ports
  • 256 GB solid state drive
  • 4K IPS screen
  • 17.3″ diagonal screen width

That i7 Skylake processor was recently released and has been skyrocketing in terms of performance. Do note that it is also a very expensive CPU, meaning that the final cost of this laptop is not something you or anyone considering a purchase lightly.

Also, the 16 GB of RAM is enough to be playing video games for years. Heck, I know some of my client’s gamingĀ desktops that do not even have 16 GB or DDR4.

The solid state drive is a nice touch, as many other gaming laptop manufacturers like to go cheaper and stick with a 500 GB hard drive. This makes opening files and games much quicker.

And lastly, the 17.3-inch 4K resolution really is a dream to have. It is beautiful to look at and I am very excited for the future of gaming laptops. Well done, EVGA.


EVGA’s first gaming laptop!

At CES this year, EVGA announced they were making their very first gaming notebook. When I heard this news, I was extremely excited. I have been buying EVGA hardware for years, building and cranking out my very own computer builds. The majority of their products are really well-made and I totally trust them as a company.

Their gaming laptop is going to be a 17-inch class one with aluminum casing. One thing that I find really special about this one, other than the fact that throughout all these years and experience in motherboards and BIOS systems, EVGA has only this laptop built, is that the IPS screen attached to it has a 4K resolution. Yes, you read that right. I expect this laptop to be supreme in quality, as the monitor display is already eye-opening, not to mention the tough exterior build around it.

I will write more on the specs in a following post, but so far so good. This laptop is shaping up to be something many high-end gamers are going to buy. I myself am considering it, since I do travel a lot and would love something to game on.